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The Grid Restaurant and Winery Experience

The Grid Restaurant and

The Grid Restaurant and Winery

Location: 6 Thomas Ajufo Street, Opebi Ikeja Lagos.

the grid lagos experience

The first impression you get of The Grid Restaurant and Winery is that it is a perfect place to relax, unwind, and hold meetings. It doesn’t matter if you’re stopping over to kick start your day with breakfast alongside a cup of coffee or getting brunch amidst your daily busy schedule, or just for the sheer love of a good place to relax and unwind, after a long day.

My First Impression

So, I decided to hit the Grid on this bright, and beautiful sunny day, I noticed first and foremost that the restaurant is in a safe location close to all the other exciting places in Ikeja, and secure. Stepping inside was a huge relief, with the air – conditioner at full throttle. I immediately forgot the harsh condition of the scorching sun outside. The layout is quite impressive, as it is equally inviting. the grid lagos There is also the fresh air seating arrangement, for those who would rather like to take in the warmth of fresh air, while still enjoying the sheer pleasure the good food, wine, and serenity offers. You have a variety of delicacies to choose from with both local, and intercontinental dishes. Taking a seat, I looked through the menu, and saw a wide range of options to choose from, among the lots that caught my eyes, I noticed they’ve got an assortment of grills, with lots of side combos such as rice (Jollof/ fried), yam, plantain, French fries, Greek, Seafood, and lots of  other salad dishes, likewise their pasta delicacies as well. Besides, the food isn’t pricey, as you can have a classic meal for as low as #1,500, and above, depending on your choice or preference. How To Plan a Simple Christmas Dinner The Grid Lagos Bar It is a really nice place for meetups, hang out or a date. You can enjoy good food, and equally, wash it down with fine wine, or simply quench your thirst with the wine, cocktails, Chapman, with or without food. A place to savor, and enjoy both local, and intercontinental dishes. They also have Karaoke night, where you get to sing your favorite melodies. The staffs are quite amiable and portray good customer service. The 5 Best Romantic Restaurants in Lagos It is one of such few places where you can get the best meal experience on the Mainland. You can either eat in, or place an order, and take advantage of free delivery within Opebi Allen. The Grid Restaurant is open daily from 8.00AM – 10.00PM. On the whole, The Grid Restaurant is a great place to visit. Impressive Benefits of Pineapple

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