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Pepperific Restaurant Review

It’s a bright and

It’s a bright and beautiful sunny day, so I decided to hit the streets of Lagos in search of yet another food spot that does food just right. So, I went off to Berger axis, where a new food hub had just launched, I’m talking about Pepperific. It is a one-stop shop restaurant, and meeting hub, that is situated inside Fatgbems Mega Station, on Lagos Ibadan Express inward Lagos, by Berger.

pepperific restaurant review

The weather has been quite humid lately, so upon stepping in, I was welcomed by the cold atmosphere which was influenced by the Air Conditioners placed in strategic location. I exhaled a deep sigh of relief from the contrast of the heat, into the cool of the atmosphere around, as I walked in. I was quite enthralled by the ambiance, which I found quite serene. The interior of the restaurant had a warm matching hue of orange, white, and ash. As a food lover and enthusiast, I was taking in the view, but couldn’t equally help wondering, what the food would taste like. I went straight up to see what was available and was very much delighted at the vast display of food available.


One of the staffs approached in a courteous manner, and then asked what I would like to have, as at then, I had scanned through, and couldn’t help but notice that Pepperific has a variety of continental/ local delicacies, likewise pastries and loafs, meat pie, chicken pie, sausages, Pepperific rolls, sardine bread, dinner roll. There were also proteins such as fish, turkey, beef, chicken and then soups like edikiakong, efo-riro, jollof rice, basmati rice, native rice, spaghetti, yamarita and so on.


After much debate, I decided to have one local dish and a continental dish. Starting off with the local dish, I had Semovita, edikaikong soup and, croaker fish. It was so tasty, as I could tell the veggies used in the preparation tasted quite fresh, likewise the fish. Afterwards, I had Chinese Rice with Chicken in Curry sauce, and it was a sumptuous meal, as the curry sauce was done right. If you happen to come inward Lagos, through Berger, work or reside within Berger, you should make a quick stop at Pepperific, and have a taste of the mouthwatering delicacies available as the food is quite affordable. You can have pastries for less than a thousand naira, and a plate of food for a little over a thousand naira.

I was also delighted to find out that Pepperific can be booked to celebrate special occasions such as Birthdays, Anniversaries excetra… You can also place an order for food, as they engage in outdoor delivery with Ikeja axis presently. Or if you are thinking of having a large catering for your events, they can have it delivery. The customer service is wonderful, likewise the food, and ambiance. Pepperific is open everyday, Monday – Sunday(7am-8pm).

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