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Mile Markers: The Voice of Fear

Fear can be a bitch. She tries to tell us we’re not enough, that we cannot possibly do this thing, that even the attempt is foolish. She taunts us by saying that we just don’t have what it takes.

We don’t have enough time, skill, resources, or heart. Fear wants to keep us nice and small, in our little box where we “belong.” Fear hurls boulders of self-doubt, whispering messages of danger, negativity, and shame. Fear is wily and manipulative, using old baggage to send us on a trip to nowhere. Fear wants to prevent us from living an epic life and keep us from aiming high and breaking free.

Fear has its place. Fear is helpful when it tells us not to walk alone in a desolate, poorly-lit parking lot at night. Or when it reminds us not to drive after a few too many. Fear is a helpful companion when it keeps us from danger that could prematurely end our life. But fear is not helpful when it keeps us from fully living.

The most important thing we can ever learn about fear is this: Fear is often a liar.

It’s a liar because it is jealous. Fear is jealous of faith and courage and freedom. They get the best of fear every time. They take you to amazing places, create legacies, inspire people, and change lives. They are never lonely, meanwhile fear has this way of isolating you. And unlike fear, faith, courage and freedom grow when people call them by their name.

If you call fear by its name, it is forced to retreat and go find someone else to pick on.

Be mindful of fear these days, because it loves freshly inked resolutions and recently declared dreams. It’s a sneaky one. Call it out as soon as you know it’s there.

If you need backup, faith, courage and freedom are always available.

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