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18 Household Items Runners Should Toss—And 5 to Keep

5. Race shirts you don’t wear
Nip this problem in the bud, says Nancy Haworth, a runner and a professional organizer in Raleigh, North Carolina. As soon as you hit the expo or get your goody bag home, try on the shirt for fit and size. If you don’t think you’ll wear it often, donate it to charity right away. (If you’re sentimental, you can gather old race shirts into a memory quilt, Haworth suggests.)

6. Swag bags
And about those bags—some are reusable drawstring varieties. Still, you probably have a far higher-quality gym bag, Haworth points out. Stuff clothing you’re giving away inside them and donate the whole package.

7. Other extra clothing
How many running outfits do you wear between laundry days? Now count how many populate your closet or dresser drawer. Odds are the second number’s far higher than the first, Haworth says. Pare down to the amount you really need for each season, and donate or discard the rest—starting with those that are stained, torn, permanently smelly, or just plain uncomfortable. That includes stretched-out sports bras. They usually last six months to a year and can be sent to The Bra Recyclers when they’re relieved of service.

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